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What is Fruiti Tutti?

Most everyone is familiar with the term “Tutti Frutti.”  Just saying the words may have you sing along to Little Richard’s iconic song for hours.  Your tastebuds may fire just imagining a fruity ice cream treat, candies, or flavored beverage.  And let’s face it, “Tutti Frutti” is just plain fun to say.

Fruiti Tutti is a play on words of the common phrase “Tutti Frutti.”  While the word “Fruiti” isn’t spelled the same way as the common term, it is more in line with the word “fruit” in the English language.  FruitiTutti.com is a domain that can be used by dessert caterers, ice cream or frozen yogurt shops, bakers, beverage and bartending websites, or blogs about any of such topics.

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